Are the screen desks attractive to you?

- Jan 08, 2020-

Folding screen desks are well liked by everyone. To explore the reasons for their favor, in fact, there are mainly the following aspects, especially in terms of design, materials, structure and size, which are very attractive.

1. good design desk

Many times when you choose a screen desk, you will find that the structural layout is still very good. You can make reasonable use of the office space to achieve the most economical planning, and the screen desk is also very variable. It can be combined according to different work forms, and in terms of style, colors, patterns, etc., it can also be selected according to the company's style characteristics.

2. screen desk material, environmental protection and safety

These materials, such as aluminum alloy frosted glass steel plate and fireproof board, together form a screen desk, and can also be used freely. There are more aluminum alloys in screens and panels. The colors are silver gray, carbon black, and pure. It's black, and it's also very much in combination, such as font type, t type, l type, cross type, etc.

3. Flexible screen desk size

The screen desk generally has a height between 900 mm and 1800 mm, and a width between 40 and 1600 mm. This is the external structure and the internal structure. It can also be customized according to customer needs. To meet the needs of customers to the maximum.


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