Custom office screen notes

- Jan 13, 2020-

In the office, the office screen has a place. It is generally used in open office areas and serves as a separation, but does not affect the communication between employees. Most companies still prefer this office furniture, so Many companies choose to customize office screens, so what should we pay attention to when customizing report screens? Lango Furniture, let's talk to everyone.

1. When customizing office screens, we need to customize according to the space and layout of the office. We must make the best use of space, so this is also one of the benefits of customizing office screens, and the styles of the screens are diverse. Your own style needs to choose a suitable office screen.

2. Because its design is diverse, we must consider the issue of variability when designing, so that the layout of the desk can be adjusted or recombined according to work requirements and space layout. The design style generally has a word, a cross, etc. , You can choose the design style according to the principle of convenience.

3. The screen panels on the market are mainly made of cloth, fireproof board, glass and other materials. Among them, the office screens made of fireproof board have more color choices. There is more room for choice. You can choose colors according to the decoration style of the office. When it comes to structure, the all-aluminum alloy frame is relatively sturdy and durable, so it is a good choice.


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