Do you know how to distinguish the quality of office furniture?

- Jan 03, 2020-

Office furniture is not just a piece of furnishings, its use demand is still very high, and there are many doorways to purchase office furniture, and you need to be cautious in purchasing, so we need to know which ones are bad and which have quality problems, then Today, Lange Furniture will tell you how to distinguish the quality of office furniture.

1. Irritating odor: Many companies still prefer wooden office furniture, but there are still a lot of plate-type office furniture on the market, and the plate used for plate-type office furniture has some formaldehyde. If there is a pungent odor, it means that Its formaldehyde content is beyond the standard, and formaldehyde will cause some harm to the human body.

2. Connection gap: It is the details that determine the success or failure, and the details of office furniture directly determine the quality of office furniture. If there is a large gap in the structural connection of office furniture, such as edge banding, we recommend that you do not choose I bought it, because it has nothing to do with quality, it is a direct problem in the process, this product should not be offered to customers.

3. Structural deformation: The structural lines of normal office furniture are flat and symmetrical. If deformation is found, even if it is a little bit, it cannot be purchased, such as an office chair. If its legs are bent and deformed, Then there will definitely be shaking during use, which will likely affect the safety of the user, which is an unqualified product.

4, color difference: the color requirements for office furniture is also very important, because it not only affects its own aesthetics, but also has a great impact on the entire office environment, such as paint desks, if it is found that its color is uneven, then It is recommended that you still don't buy it, because this shows that its paint process is very poor, then in the future use process, bubbles, synthetic damage and other quality problems will appear.


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