Identify whether students desks and chairs use environmentally friendly materials

- Jan 10, 2020-

School furniture factory teaches you how to identify whether students' desks and chairs use environmentally-friendly materials. For environmentally-friendly materials, many buyers pay attention to it, and they are also confused.

First, color

Check whether the back of the student desk and chair has brightness and whether the color is uniform. If there is lack of brightness, there are spots, the color is dull, and the color of the same batch of products may be produced using recycled materials. Do not buy .


Second, toughness 

When purchasing student desks and chairs, because they are mostly made of polybutene, products made of environmentally friendly materials are more flexible than non-environmental products. You can use the product and press to understand the flexibility of the product.


Third, smell

When buying student desks and chairs, smell to see if there is spray paint smell or plastic smell. If the smell is strong, please don't buy it. Generally, it will only happen when plastic is used.


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