The screen and desk should be clear

- Jan 08, 2020-

In recent years, in many offices, when you choose office furniture, the screen desk is more widely used because it has partitions to protect the privacy of employees, and it will not play a role in cooperation and communication. The role of the barrier, when you put the screen desk, from the perspective of feng shui, there are still some places that need to be clear.

1. screen desk can not be placed against the door

Many times the desk should be placed towards the door. This is a place for the owner's luck, but it should also be noted that when the screen desk is placed, it cannot be facing the door. This is Hedging with Feng Shui is not good for the development of employees' careers.

2. screen desk is best not placed against the wall

The screen desk is partitioned, so in general, it is not necessary to place it against the wall, but it depends on the back. If it is placed against the wall, it will form a closed space. Although the privacy is relatively high, it will cause air circulation Smooth, has a declining impact on employees' fortunes.

3. screen desk cannot be placed diagonally

When placing a desk with a screen, be careful not to place it at an acute angle, because it is easy to fill the gas field of Feng Shui with murderous gas. Generally, employees in this position may feel a direct shot on the chest, which makes people unstable .


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