Very high usage of steel filing cabinets in schools

- Jan 10, 2020-

As times change, the school's filing cabinets and desks and chairs were made of wood. Gradually steel furniture has entered the world of people. Steel file cabinets are made of cold-rolled steel. Its excellent performance replaces wooden furniture because of the use of file cabinets for books, archives and student work. The rate is very high. In order to store these data in a safe and orderly manner, there are some particularities in the selection.

The various materials in the school are used frequently, so the losses caused by switching and retrieval are very large. Only metal can withstand such wear and tear, and wooden file cabinets are definitely not good.


Because of the large number of documents in the school, we must choose the one with a large storage capacity. This can not only depend on how many cabinet doors there are, but on the depth of the doors. When we purchase, we need to choose a large-volume filing cabinet according to the actual storage amount. At this time, we should not consider the appearance of the appearance; for the actual measurement, do not single-view and look at the data on the label.


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