What are the characteristics of green office furniture?

- Jan 13, 2020-

With the development of the times, people ’s living standards are constantly improving, and environmental protection awareness is gradually increasing. It has penetrated into life and work. Green and environmentally friendly office furniture has become the mainstream of contemporary furniture industry. So what kind of office furniture What about green office furniture? What are its characteristics? Next, let's take a look with Lango furniture.

1. Materials and materials: Green and environmentally friendly office furniture uses environmentally friendly natural materials. It does not contain harmful substances and does not emit harmful gases. Even processed products, its main materials and accessories will not contain harmful materials. Material to ensure the user's physical health, and the green office has extended the product life cycle, making office furniture more durable, reducing the energy consumption of reprocessing.

2. Ergonomic design: Ergonomic office furniture not only pays attention to the active state under static conditions, but also pays attention to the active state under dynamic conditions. Occasional or frequent use will not cause any harm to the human body or some. And sitting up comfortably also helps to improve occupational diseases such as backache.

3. Recyclable: Green office furniture's auxiliary materials are energy-saving, non-polluting, and easy to recycle. Because of their long service life, customers can recycle them, such as steel office furniture. Has a long life cycle, so even if the company moves, you can continue to use, reuse can effectively reduce the company's procurement costs.


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