What are the desk and chair selection skills?

- Jan 06, 2020-

1. according to preferences and decoration style

One of the techniques for selecting desks and chairs is based on preferences and decoration styles. In fact, the style you like is not necessarily suitable for the enterprise. You must choose the suitable one because the nature of each company is different and the decoration environment style is different. Office decoration environment to buy, everyone should not mix casually when buying.

2. practical performance

In order to meet consumer aesthetics, many desk and chair manufacturers have introduced many promotional desks, office chairs, etc., and even some aesthetics are beyond practicality. In this way, the practical use of office furniture will be limited. When consumers buy What should be done is to grasp this degree. In addition to the beautiful degree, it is recommended to choose those that are more practical.

3. Health, environmental protection and ecological culture concepts

I spent the longest time in the office, so everyone pays great attention to the environmental protection of the desk. If there is no good environmentally friendly board, the amount of formaldehyde release will not meet the standards, which will seriously endanger personal health to a certain extent. When choosing for this purpose, you should choose healthy green materials and special paints for wood. Secondly, sedentary is not the most basic requirement. For this reason, you must choose those who sit comfortably and help reduce work stress and fatigue.

In addition, some small potted plants, succulents, mini fish tanks, etc. can be used for the office environment.


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