What is the difference between modern office furniture and traditional furniture

- Jan 09, 2020-

Modern companies pay more attention to office space and try to create a unique office environment. According to the survey, modern office furniture is usually customized after the upgrading of office space. Compared with traditional office furniture, what are the differences between modern office homes? According to the technical staff of Shenzhen Yige Office Furniture Company, the differences between the two are obvious, mainly in the following aspects.

First, pursue simplicity and generosity

Conciseness and generosity is an aesthetic demand. Under the influence of modern aesthetic concepts, most companies are building concise office environments to help employees create a relaxed and good atmosphere.

Second, pursue green and environmental protection

In the past, people paid little attention to health, environmental protection and other issues. Office furniture was not strictly controlled. For example, some office furniture such as formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances exceed the standard. Long-term use of this furniture will cause harm to human health. Modern office furniture pursues the idea of green development and uses high-quality materials. Before leaving the factory, it passes through multiple inspection passes.

Third, integration with office environment and office space

Office space is a holistic concept, which includes both office decoration design and office furniture customization. When customizing modern office furniture, it is determined according to the layout of the office environment and the transformation of office space. In the past, office furniture was separated from room decoration and had little relevance.


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