What is the quality of the screen desk?

- Jan 07, 2020-

When purchasing office furniture, the screen desk is really the first choice because the furniture is not only good-looking, but also the main thing is that each employee's work is basically unaffected and does not interfere with each other. How to buy good quality? The following mainly introduces the quality of the screen desk.

1. stability

Different from ordinary desks, the screen desks are connected together. Some of them are steel frames with desktops, some are floor-standing screens, plus various combinations, including panels, hinges, glass, etc., which need to be connected together. If the stability is not good, it will affect the overall effect. For this reason, the good quality is the stability of the overall structure.

2. compactness

The screen desk should also consider compactness, availability, and security when buying. What should be done is to ensure that each joint is tightly fitted. What should not be is the gap, especially in the corner. Properly deal with, for this reason, there should be a very tight type, which is good office furniture.

3. auxiliary functions should be prominent

The working position of the screen should be neat, and there should be places where computers, telephones, printers and other equipment must be placed. Of course, only those with these functions are good office furniture. Of course, there are also accessories such as pen holders and toolbox folders.


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