Where are the prices for student tables and chairs?

- Jan 09, 2020-

The design of student desks and chairs requires scientific design, which conforms to a variety of scientific principles such as ergonomics, a good perspective, and human pressure sharing. The main function of school furniture is: in the process of using it, it can effectively exercise the body of teachers and students, can effectively increase the interest of the curriculum, create a better learning and living environment, and thus more effectively promote students' physical and mental health and active development Guarantee the teaching effect. Sitting comfortably, does not produce a sense of exclusion, can quickly focus students' attention, and then improve the student's academic performance, adopt a simple and stable style; whether there is a scientific basis for designing low-cost products like this.

The basic material of tables and chairs should be environmentally friendly, odorless and formaldehyde-free materials. Student desks and chairs are assembled by a worker or a group of workers without changing equipment or locations, called assembling procedures. One uses the same tools and aids, does not change the working method, and is in a fixed continuous position. The assembly work completed on this is called a work step. One or several assembly steps can be included in an assembly process. The general assembly and component assembly are composed of several assembly processes. As far as the composition of the product is concerned, a part is the smallest unit that constitutes the product? Several parts are combined into a part to make it a part of the product. Regardless of its combination form and method Are collectively called parts. Green products that are harmless to students' bodies should ensure the weight of desks and chairs.


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