Which issues should be paid attention to when purchasing school furniture?

- Jan 09, 2020-

In family life, if the child can be given an autonomy, it will be more conducive to the development of the child's personality. Even if there is no independent children's room, in the limited living space, in addition to toys, give the child something exclusive, and the child has a recognized presence, it is easy to cultivate self-awareness in the group. Just like buying school furniture, what should you pay attention to when buying school furniture?

1. Safety of school furniture: The first is the environmental protection of school furniture. For example, the formaldehyde problem, parents must ask carefully when buying, must not listen to the one-sided words of the shopping guide. Secondly, the safety performance of classroom furniture itself is also important. Children are active children who love to move and jump. It is common to run and jump at home, and it is also reckless to do things. There are often bumps. So be careful when choosing school furniture.

2. The color matching of school furniture should be vivid and lively: bright colors can attract children's attention and curiosity and stimulate children's creativity, which is also great for children's positive and cheerful character. But also pay attention to bright colors, school furniture pollution, such as paint.

3. fire eye fine gold to identify the school furniture trap: the current student desks and chairs can be described as a variety of brands. However, the products of different furniture stores have different brands and different price points, but with a little care, they always find that these products self-proclaim their personality and special school furniture. They look like twin brothers and look very similar, regardless of style, structure or Most of the styles are similar.

Children's immunity and self-protection are lower than adults. As a student apartment bed that has been in prolonged contact with children, once there are hidden dangers in product quality and environmental performance, it will undoubtedly become a "time bomb" buried next to children. May harm children at any time. As far as the overall situation of the domestic school furniture industry is concerned, there are no less than two hundred brands big and small, but the products are uneven, the homogenization is more serious, and the environmental protection and safety are also generally flawed.

4. The choice of materials for school furniture is particular about the use of glass materials. Generally, ordinary glass materials are not suitable for school furniture, because glass is fragile, and sharp edges and corners formed after fragmentation can easily cause injury. Easy to use, such as wooden school furniture, cloth school furniture supplies, etc.


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