New Design Boss Room Furniture

New Design Boss Room Furniture

( Under the new era, the design of Hengxing office furniture should also keep pace with the times, constantly apply new design concepts, optimize office furniture design, and bring people a better experience. We can customize Solving the space problem Custom furniture "single secret"...

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Under the new era, the design of Hengxing office furniture should also keep pace with the times, constantly apply new design concepts, optimize office furniture design, and bring people a better experience.


Office Furniture

General Use:

Commercial Furniture


Customer size


Melamine pressboard



1. Design: Modern

2. Color: 30 colors

3. Certificate:ISO9001 and ISO14001 and other International Standards

4. Quality Guarantee: >20 Years

5. Order quantity is optional 

Delivery time:

About 25 days



Loading Port:

Guangzhou normally or any other export 


T/T or L/C

Trade Terms



We can customize

Solving the space problem Custom furniture "single secret" is to solve the problem of irregular space in the living room. There are prominent beams and columns in the room, the cloakroom is small, and the duplex building is under the sloping roof and under the stairs. Faced with these shaped spaces, "customization" can easily solve this problem. Advantages 2, control material costs Customized office furniture Because the various attribute parameters of office furniture are optional, that is, you can control the cost of office furniture. You can reduce the cost by reducing the size of office furniture. Custom office furniture is generally a fixed supplier, material is guaranteed, and the price is relatively cheap. Advantages 3, the release of individual needs Although consumers have more ideas in the layout of the office, however, when people are renovating, the effect of the desired decoration is often blurred. However, custom office furniture can be designed for the owner based on the already formed furniture. According to the style, style and color that you like, the manufacturer can customize it. It can also choose the office furniture that is coordinated with the office environment. Meet the individual needs of consumers.



office table.jpgschool table

With the advancement of manufacturing processes such as handicrafts, an obvious feature of Hengxing modern office furniture is that the use rate of its products is greatly lengthened, that is, the use of high intensity and long time, which has a significant impact on our office life. In addition


A.Good Quality Raw Material of the board use for office table  : High density particle board or MDF ,which have the character anti-water ,

anti-dirty ,anti-scratch , easy to clean and keep fresh color, desk top and side leg thickness are 25mm or 50mm thickness ,laminated with 2mm thickness PVC edges 


B.More than 10 years production experience  Details : 

1.Factory Size Have 3 workshop ,covered 8000squre meters 
2.Show Room Fashion and modern ,with 600 squre meters 
3.Production Manager 10 persons 
4.Workers 120 persons 
5.QC people  5 persons 
6.Design &Research  5 persons  
7.Production Capacity 3500 sets /month 
8.Factory Machine Cutting Machine 5sets , drilled machine 3 sets ,Edge sealed machine 2sets, CNC center Machine 1set ,Board press machine 3sets , Painting machine 3sets ,different other machine 15sets  
9.Factory Established28th.April.2008
10.Main MarketAfrica ,South America ,Canada ,U.SA ,Asian 
11.Export Value  Present USD7,500,000.00/Year 
12.Exhibition CIFF, Canton Fair ,Orgate Germany 
13.Factory AddressNo.24th.Beisha Industrial Zone ,YangJiao,Lecong  ,Shunde ,Foshan ,GuangDong ,China  
14.Home , all the prices on the site 

C.Good manage and  control of our  production process: Raw material  cutting→ Board pressing  → Products shaping   → Edges sealing    

→ Board drilling  → QC assemble checking  → Color painting  → Products cleaning→Products packing →Loading  for customer


D.Office Table Packing :All the products in Knock down packing ,each parts packing in  one good quality carton boxes .
Inside with the pearl cotton and card board  protection .Inside with the instruction  manuel ,you will be very easy  to assemble our office  

furniture products . we  also always put more spare parts for you in the order . Also we can  do mail box packing ,can pass  the drop  test . 

office table.jpg



With the rapid advancement of technology in the information age, the traditional appearance of people's office style has been renewed, and the office form and office space are constantly evolving. Office furniture is inextricably linked with office form and space. Therefore, office furniture design must keep pace with the times, keep up with changes in office space and people's demand for office furniture, and also apply such as modular design, green environmental protection. New design concepts such as design and intelligent design, adapt to different office forms, need to meet the versatility of furniture in various forms, but also to meet the diversified forms and different spaces and different user needs.

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